You Are What You Eat

Erasmus+: KA1 Mobility of Youth Workers (Training Course) 

Place: London

Dates: 01/10/2015 - 09/10/2015

We see an increase in diseases like obesity, diabetes and even cancer in youth.  We even see young people suffering from heart disease and disorders normally associated with adults.  Most of the causes of these diseases in youth are as a direct result of unhealthy lifestyle choices.  We hope to create greater awareness of the problem and give youth workers the tools to help more young people make healthier diet choices and also include some form of physical activity into their lifestyle choices.

We will examine the dietary choices that young people make and the factors that influence these choices.  We will examine cultural elements associated with diet and also economical and habits.    We will also look into the daily routines of young people to establish how young people could incorporate some physical activity into their lives.  Together with a healthier diet and some physical activity we hope to shape the lives of young people to include a healthy lifestyle and therefore allow young people to live healthier lives and reduce the amount of diseases and illness seen in young people today.

The main issues to be address in this project is to examine the reason for the lifestyle choices that you make and to explore ways to make changes in these choices to reflect a healthier lifestyle without making drastic changes in their lives or making the process difficult resulting in young people opting for the easier unhealthy options.  The main idea is to inform young people of the choices allowing them to understand the short and long term effects of the wrong choices and to give them the knowledge and information to make the correct choices.  We will look at healthier alternatives to junk food and also allow for traditional foods and customs to be upheld while maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Countries & Participants: Cyprus, Romania, Hungary, Croatia, Italy, United Kingdom, Greece, Turkey

(3 Participants per Country, No age Limit)




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This project has been funded with support from the European Commission (Erasmus + Programme).

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